SWEA Michigan has approximately 60 members, most of whom live in the metropolitan Detroit or Ann Arbor areas.

The membership fee is $40 per year (2018). 

As a member you will a monthly newsletter. You will also receive SWEA Forum, SWEA International's magazine, spring and fall, and  SWEA-Nytt (SWEA News) SWEA International's electronic newsletter.

As a member you may also subscribe at a reduced rate to the following magazines:

Sweden & America (Swedish Council of Americas tidning) $10 dollar/4 issues.
Nordic Reach - $11/4 issues. See also
Nordstjernan - $35/22 issues. See also
If you have any questions regarding these magazines, feel free to contact our president.

Each fall, a Regional Meeting is held, where all the chapters in the region meet for an annual board meeting. SWEA Michigan belongs to Mellersta Amerikas, MAME, (Middle Americas). Other chapters in our region are: Arizona, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Florida, Houston, Minnesota, New Orleans and Toronto (Canada). The 2017 the regional meeting was held at the same time as the World Meeting.

Every other year, there is a Världsmöte (World meeting). The program for these meetings is full of events, such as sightseeing, dinners and the opportunity to socialize with other SWEA members from around the world. The 2017 World Meeting was held in Perth, Australia. All members are invited to attend these events.

As a member you will also get invited to celebrate Walpurgis, Midsummer, Back in Town (shrimp feast), Movie nights, Cultural events and other interesting events. 

Usually we will meet in members' homes and assign a committee that will help with the different arrangements. As a member you will be asked to help on at least one committee a year, not including the annual Christmas Fair where everyone is expected to help. Working on a committee is an excellent way of getting to know other members.

Sometimes SWEA Michigan will get together with other Swedish organizations in the metro Detroit area to celebrate the Swedish National Day, or maybe a visit by the Ambassador.

Our biggest event of the year is our annual Christmas Fair, which is open to the public. The fair takes place on a Saturday in the middle of November. We are counting on all members' participation in this fair. See the calendar for time and place for this year's fair.

Interested in becoming a member of SWEA Michigan?

The requirements for membership are as follows:

  • Be a Swedish or Swedish speaking woman (fluent), 18 years of age or older.

  • Be dedicated to the purposes of SWEA International.

  • Be of good character.

  • Be living in the geographic area covered, or reside there due to long term employment or educational assignment. An otherwise qualified woman from an area with no SWEA Chapter may, however, be admitted as a member of the most conveniently located SWEA Chapter.

If you think this sounds interesting and you meet the qualifications above, please contact our membership chair

For more information,
Contact our Membership chair, Åsa Archer,
e-mail: member [at]

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